April 2023 Edition
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Term 1, Week 9 Wednesday 5th April 2023

A message from the Principal

Kia ora koutou,

Three Way Conferences
Thank you to the students and parents who attended ‘Three Way Conferences’ last week. We had 90% attendance at the meetings. The children were excited to share their learning progress with you, as well as their learning goals and next steps. We hope you found the meetings useful in understanding where your child is at with their learning.
If you feel you still have unanswered questions, we would encourage you to make contact with your child’s teacher to make an extra appointment.

Teacher Only Day
Tomorrow, Thursday 6th April is our last school day for Term 1 for the students.
On Monday 24th April we have our Teacher Only Day, which means school is closed to the students.
Teachers will be participating in professional learning in Writing and the NZ Curriculum Refresh. Tuesday 25th April is ANZAC Day and a Public holiday. Students first day back on site for Term 2 is Wednesday 26th April. We have new students starting their journey at Pinehill School and will be holding a whole school whakatau in the school hall at 9:00am to welcome our new students and their families. All are welcome to attend.

ERO - Education Review Office
Te Ara Huarau is the evaluation approach that the Education Review Office (ERO) is using in our school. This is a developmental approach to evaluation where ERO and our school work together over time rather than one off reviews that happened previously. Te Ara Huarau is used in most English-medium state and state-integrated schools.
ERO maintains a regular review programme to evaluate and report on the education and care of young people in the schools. Our school worked alongside ERO to write our Profile Report. This type of report will only happen once as part of our initial engagement with Te Ara Huarau. The profile report reflects our strategic goals and a shared evaluation focus on one or more areas that are important to us as we work together to improve outcomes for all our learners. ERO, like us, have a strong focus on equity and excellence. Future reporting will show our progress and achievement towards meeting the goals we have set. Public reports like the Profile Report are published on ERO’s website.
A Board Assurance Report that shows how we are meeting regulatory and legislative Requirements has also been published.

Staff Update
Miss Maggie Joyce, teacher in R13 is getting married during the school holiday break. We are very excited for you Maggie and wish you all the very best with your special wedding day. Miss Joyce will have a name change on her return and become known as Mrs Aldous.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter and holiday break ahead. Take time to surround yourself with loved ones and do those things you love. As I say to the students and staff ‘fill your bucket’.
We look forward to seeing everyone back for Term 2, Wednesday 26th April.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal

The Resilience Project

Empathy and Kindness
We are continuing our introduction of The Resilience Project’s GEM. This week is empathy
or kindness.
Empathy is our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others to feel and see what they
do. We practise this through being kind and compassionate towards other people.
Brain imaging data shows that being kind to others registers in the brain as more like eating
chocolate than like fulfilling an obligation to do what’s right (e.g., eating brussel sprouts)!
When we do acts of kindness for others (no matter how small), a chemical called oxytocin
gets released in our brains, making us feel happier. So being kind is a win-win situation: the
recipient of the kindness feels good and so does the giver.
Research shows that practising empathy, such as performing acts of kindness, taps into our
brain’s ‘mirror neurons’, builds compassion and our behaviour becomes more social and
View Part 3 of the series here - Empathy
Here’s an activity to practise empathy and kindness:
1. Reflect on someone in your life who could benefit from an act of kindness today. It
could be a friend who would love some affirmation about their work, your pet who
deserves an extra treat, or a family member who would love a phone call or text
2. Make a plan for who you are going to give an act of kindness to, and what you are
going to do.
3. If you want to add accountability to your plan, share it with someone else and
encourage them to do the same thing.
4. Follow up with each other in a few days time, to ask how it went!
Sources: Psychology Today, UC Berkeley, Greater Good Science
For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support

Cultural Parade/Week - Term 2

Dear Parents,
Pinehill School is celebrating our culture with a week where we would like to invite parents into the classroom to share their culture in Term 2, Week 2, Monday 1st May - Friday 5th May. Some suggestions are, read a story in your home language to the class or small group, share pictures/photos, teach our children a game, share a dance from your culture, musical instrument etc. Talk to your child’s teacher about your idea and how much time is available.

As part of our Cultural Week we are holding a Celebration Parade on Friday 5th May at 11am. You are very welcome to come and watch the parade, we would love to see as many parents and caregivers there as possible. Some of our cultural groups will be performing and we have a special surprise, depending on the weather!

Our children will have the option to dress in their national costume and parade through the school with their class.

We understand that children and families may identify with more than one country. For them to be able to express their ethnicity we are asking parents to talk with their child about their family ethnicity. Children can parade carrying 2 flags that symbolise the country they identify with and the one where they were born.

We hope that in this way everyone’s ethnicity can be shared and celebrated.

Shared lunch
After our Parade on Friday 5th May 2023 we are having a shared lunch. This is an optional activity. You are invited to send your child with food for themselves and one other to share from your culture. We are hoping parents will be mindful that there are children in the school with peanut allergies and would appreciate peanuts not being in food sent to school. All food must have an ingredient list so children can pick what they are able to eat. We will be encouraging them to try something different.

We are very much looking forward to this event and hope you can participate in it as well.

As part of our celebration of cultures at Pinehill we would like to include Chinese Dragons and Korean Fan dancers to perform for us. This was very popular last year. We are keen for our parents to be involved in the parade and were hoping that you either participated yourselves in these groups or had contact with others who do and can perform for us. Hoping to hear that you are able to help us. Please contact me at natalie@pinehill.school.nz

We would like to acknowledge every ethnicity in our school with children walking with the flag of their choice.
If you have a flag from the following countries and would be willing to share it with us on the day we are missing the following flags;

Cambodia Malaysia Indonesia Serbia PhilippinesHungary Iran Chile Colombia LebanonYugoslavia/Croatia Egypt USA NepalTuvali Myanmar/Burma

Please contact Natalie McAllum, Esol Teacher if you have a flag to share. natalie@pinehill.school.nz

Before School Care - Term 2

We are happy to announce that PKC will be offering before school care again from the start of term two. Before school care runs from 7 am to 8:30 am Monday to Friday. We provide the children with breakfast and there is a variety of games, toys, and colouring for the children to play with before school starts. For more info or to book now head to our website premiumkidscare.co.nz or email me at liv@premiumkidscare.co.nz"

Class Awards -

Room 1 - Sarah Lin
Room 2 - Haytham Hassan
Room 3 - Gavin Guo
Room 4 - Troy Hanson
Room 6 - Jackson Danks
Room 7 - Amy Kim
Room 9 - Ariel Guo
Room 10 - Hayley Yu
Room 11 - Emma Dong
Room 12 - Molly Pan
Room 13 - Megan Moyle
Room 14 - Zarian Cheng
Room 15 - Marcus Zhang
Room 16 - Lucas wang
Room 17 - Hayley Lee
Room 18 - Katie Wang
Room 19 - Keion Gunarathne
Room 20 - Avniel Kumar

Players of the day

Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat - Gavin Wang
Year 3/4 Pinehill Magic - Oliver Zhang

Friends of Pinehill School

FOPS is grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to reconnecting
with you in Term 2. Until then, have a delightful Easter and fantastic school holidays!

Yummy Stickers
Please keep collecting “Yummy” stickers from apples,
nectarines, peaches and pears, and barcodes from
“Yummy” fruit bags.
Yummy Stickers is a year-long promotion. The stickers are exchanged for sports
equipment. Last year your contribution helped us exchange more than $1,000 worth
of sports equipment for the school. Let’s do it again!
All stickers and barcodes need to be stuck on the official forms, downloaded from
www.yummyfruit.co.nz. You can return the complete forms to the white box outside
the administration block's health room. Thank you for your ongoing effort!

Bakers Delight Hot Cross Buns Fundraiser 2023
Thank you for supporting this fundraiser. We sold 28 packs of Hot Cross Bun. All
orders were delivered to your child’s classroom on Tuesday. 
If you haven’t
received your order, please email us at pinehillfops@gmail.com.
Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

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