May 2023 Edition
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Term 2, Week 3 Wednesday 10th May 2023

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

Week 3 is upon us already! Learning at Pinehill School continues to be content-rich, clearly focused, fun and engaging. On top of classroom learning, we continue to have valuable Education outside the Classroom experiences for our students including our school cross country next week and camp for our Year 4 students.

Cross Country
All our classes are training hard for our up and coming school cross country event. This will be held next Tuesday 16th May. We welcome our parents, families and whanau to come along and take part in this day. Your clapping and cheers of support on the sideline are always welcome. The Year 0-2 event will start at 9:00am with the Year 3-6 starting at 10.30am. The Coffee Guy truck will be in the car park from 8:30am for around an hour for anyone wanting to purchase and enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate on the sideline during the cross country events. The Coffee Guy truck will then return at 10:15am for parents, families, whānau, wanting to purchase and enjoy a hot drink whilst cheering the Y3-Y6 students on.
We hope to see you there.

Year 4 camp
Our Year 4 students are fortunate enough to be taking part in a three day and two night stay at Peter Snell Camp in Whangaparaoa next week. A huge thank you to all of our wonderful parents coming along as parent help and support at camp. The camp is a great opportunity to make new friends, strengthen existing ones and form further bonds with teachers, as a class and as a year group. The students will experience a range of activities which will challenge and excite them, including archery, bivouac building, frisbee golf, waterslide, confidence course and more. There will be some tired but happy children on their return!

Pink Shirt Mufti Day
Next week is Bully free week. The Resilience Project and the Pinehill Way show that we do not accept any form of bullying. In classrooms there will be a continued focus on how we can spread aroha and kindness and look after each other.
Next Friday 19th May, alongside many schools and businesses nationwide, Pinehill School will have a Pink Shirt Mufti Day. Your child is able to wear pink or colours close to pink (purple, burgundy, red) and bring a gold coin donation. Money raised will be sent to the Mental Health Foundation.

Basketball Hoop damage
Over the school holiday break one of our basketball hoops on the Taumaru roadside court has snapped at the base. Both hoops on this court are due replacement and have been re-welded many times over the years. We are looking into this and hope to have replacement hoops very soon. In the meantime, the Tiger Turf court hoops and middle netball court hoops are accessible and available for outdoor netball and basketball practices.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal

Cultural day

Targitai Zaseev Room 20 Year 2
My flag is from Russia. My traditional costume is from Russia. My Mum brought it from Russia. I am so happy because today it is the parade. I am happy because I have my costume.

Mia Wang Room 20 Year 2
I like my dress. My dress has some blossoms and some gold. My flag has yellow stars. It has five stars and then some red. My dress on the bottom of it has a little pink. My favourite food is dumplings. My country is far away. My friend is from Korea. They can kind of speak English. My friends from my school are from China, Sweden and India. My sister is from China. My whole family is from China.




Photolife will be at school on May 26th. Sibling photo request forms have been sent home. Please return to the school office as soon as possible so we can organise timings for the day.
Thank you.

Players of the day

Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates
Harlyn Yao
Bodhi Earl Kingi
Year 5/6 Celtics
Isaac Boyle
Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat
Jake Skudder
Year 5/6 Pinehill Pistons
Charlie Haycock

Pinehill Sealions
Kobe Taylor
Rocco Robinson

Year 1/2 Pinehill Kiwis
Mia Wang
Sportsmanship award - Reggie Ma
Coaches award - Emily Shen
Year 3/4 Pinehill Mystics
Chloe Kim
Year 5 PInehill Ferns
Zané Van Heerden
Zoe Wood
Year 6 Pinehill Dragons
Margarita Sukhorukova

Classroom Awards

  • 1 - Keyan Suriho
  • 2 - Cody Jiang
  • 3 - Aubree Huo
  • 4 - Miranda Huang
  • 6 - Siwan Kim
  • 7 - Dylan Sun
  • 9 - Alina Liu
  • 10 - Anna Zhu
  • 11 - Ailsa Zhang
  • 12 - Emma Vavrentovych
  • 13 - Noor Hassan
  • 14 - Nicole Cao
  • 15 - Daniel Abramov
  • 16 - Daisy Yang
  • 17 - Sihyun Jung
  • 18 - Noah Wright
  • 19 - Danial Muhamad Azraf
  • 20 - Khloe Waaka

Friends of Pinehill School

It’s Fun Food Friday this Fri, 12 May. Online orders close tonight, Wed, 10 May. Kindo Online Shop.

Yummy Stickers
Please keep collecting “Yummy” stickers from apples, nectarines, peaches and pears, and barcodes from “Yummy” fruit bags.

Yummy Stickers is a year-long promotion. The stickers are exchanged for sports equipment. Last year your contribution helped us exchange more than $1,000 worth of sports equipment for the school. Let’s do it again!

All stickers and barcodes need to be stuck on the official forms, downloaded from You can return the complete forms to the white box outside the administration block's health room. Thank you for your ongoing effort!

Second-Hand Uniforms Donation
If you have spare uniforms your child no longer wears, please donate them for us to sell at our second-hand uniforms online store. We accept uniforms in any condition. However, we ask them to be in a clean and resalable state. Please hand in your donation to the school office. Thank you very much for your generosity!
FOPS volunteers operate this online store to raise money for the new kapa haka uniforms for our tamariki. The volunteers gave up their time to make this possible. Therefore, the store does not have set opening hours. We thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have urgent enquiries, please email us at
Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

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