June 2023 Edition
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Term 2, Week 8 Wednesday 14th June 2023

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou,

Since the last newsletter, we have had a week of celebration at Pinehill School! Not only does learning continue to blossom and thrive in all our classrooms, but also in the community at inter school events.

Inter School Cross Country
Congratulations to all the runners who represented Pinehill School at the Super Cluster Cross Country on Monday. Mr van Beusekom and Mr Mathers attended this event with our runners and came back full of praise. Praise for the effort our runners put in and praise for the wonderful ambassadors our runners were for Pinehill School. Special mention to Rocco Robinson-Lea’aetoa, who placed 7th overall in the Year 4 boys event. We are very proud of all our runners and their efforts at the Cluster Cross Country as well as their display of the Pinehill Way at this event.

Following on from the Mathex competition write up in the last newsletter, further congratulations to our students who represented Pinehill School at the Inter School Mathex last Wednesday. Mrs Milne and Mrs Donaldson attended this event with our students and there was a buzz of excitement on their return. The students have put a lot of mahi in each week practising challenging maths problems leading up to the event. We have had reports come back from teachers and parents who attended, regarding the outstanding collaboration, work effort and excellent display of the Pinehill Way from all our Pinehill Mathex representatives. Placings have now been sent through to all competing schools and I am delighted to confirm, Team 1 (Daniel Zhou, Allen Bai, Tania Luo and Amy Kim) placed 1st out of 52 teams and completed their questions in 15 minutes. Phenomenal! Team 2 placed 4th (Dylan Sun, Eddie Liu, Aleksandr Domrachev, Luna Zheng) and Team 3 placed 23rd (Meghan Li, Ping Ping Gao, Hannah Su, Emily Ke). Emily Ke also won the runners prize, displaying respect, responsibility and all things encompassing the Pinehill Way. We are very proud of our students and their efforts. Go Pinehill!

Sport at Pinehill
Over the last week, I have had the privilege of attending our tamariki’s basketball games at The Breakers gym and netball games at Pinehurst School. What an exciting week of sport it was for me. It has been an absolute delight to see our students involved in sports from Y2 right up to Year 6. I am so proud of our tamariki’s involvement in a sports team and the way they truly displayed our Pinehill Way in every game I attended- Resilience, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity and Excellence both on and off the court. A huge Thank you to our Pinehill School Sports Coordinator, Darren Mathers, and to our coaches and managers who give their time each week to training and developing our players. We appreciate you! Thank you also to our parents who are committed to ensuring their children are at practice and games. I also loved the whanau encouragement, support and cheering on our children from you all on the sideline.

This sports quote rings true and is definitely something I was able to see first hand on the sideline at all our games.
‘Along with the physical and social benefits, sport teaches our children valuable life lessons. Children learn about teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Sports is about giving it their best shot and turning up on game day, rain or shine. It’s about high-fiving their teammates after a win or getting back up and dusting themselves after a loss. ‘ Sports NZ

Fire drill
On Monday, the full school took part in a fire drill. We practise evacuation drills once a term, so in case of an actual emergency event we all know what to do. Our fire drill took place during lunch time. This is the first time we have practised a drill during a lunch time break. This did not seem to phase the students or staff. The drill evacuation officer was very impressed with how responsible and quick our Pinehill students were with assembling to the closest evacuation meeting point to where they were playing, lining up quietly and waiting for further instruction. The staff were efficient with clearing classroom blocks and checking all students were accounted for. Our goal was to assemble in our meet up points safely and all accounted for in a timely manner and we certainly met this. We talked to the children afterwards about the drill and why we do this. For some of our students new to Room 12 (Year 1’s) and Pinehill, this was the first time they have done a drill at Pinehill School. I was so very proud of everyone.

Community Constable, Simon Fox
You may have noticed our community constable, Simon Fox, up in the layby on Friday. Simon will continue to visit Pinehill School in the layby area during drop off and pickups. Please see Simon’s write up in this newsletter on the purpose of his visits and correct child restraint use in vehicles.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal

Fortnightly newsletters from now on
From now on our school newsletter will be coming to you fortnightly, every even week of the term, rather than weekly. The next newsletter will be sent out in week 10 on Wednesday 28th June. Reminders of school events will continue to go out on our School App.


Year 6 Cross Country Team


Kia ora,
My name is Constable Simon Fox. I’m the local Community Constable. You will see me from time to time standing outside the school during drop off and pickups.

My purpose is to educate parents and children around the correct use of child restraints.

There are a few important things to remember when putting your child into their car seat.

Rear facing infant restraints should ideally be used until they are at least two years old. They should never be placed in a front seat if there is an active airbag.

Forward facing child restraints, the harness must fit snug and comfortable, the shoulder harness must always go over the shoulders and the seat itself must be fitted securely as per the manufacturer's guidelines

Booster seats are safest when used in the back seat. The seatbelt should go over the child’s shoulder and not against the neck. Best practice recommends that children stay in booster seats until they are 148cm tall.

If no longer in a booster, seatbelts must go over the shoulder, not behind the back or under the arm. Children should be wearing the seatbelt the same way you wear yours. Bags should not be worn on the back with a seatbelt.

What I have seen is a large number of cars pulling up where the child has taken their seatbelt off too early. Please remember that seatbelts stay on until the car has stopped and the child is ready to get out.

Please remind yourselves that your child is the most precious thing in your life and it’s your job to do everything you can to keep it safe, so please make sure each time you go out in the car that you’re doing everything you can to keep them secure, nice and safe.

Nga Mihi
Constable Simon FOX SFDU46
Browns Bay Community Officer | Auckland | New Zealand Police
Clyde Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630

Road Patrol

We are looking for a number of parents to support the Year 6 children who patrol the Hugh Green Drive crossing before and after school. This is a vital role which helps support the safety of our children. You do not have to have a child in Year 6 to take on this role. Morning patrol runs from 8.25 - 8.50am and afternoon patrol from 2.50 - 3.10pm. Training will be given. If you are able to commit to one morning or afternoon a week please email Kirstin Blanchard kirstin@pinehill.school.nz.

Pinehill’s ‘Trees for Survival’ planting day

Our planting day for the Year 5/6 team is this Friday, 16 June. We will be planting at 63c Field Lane, Waitoki.

A huge thank you to our adult volunteers for supporting us on the day. There is a safety briefing in the hall on Friday morning at 8:30am. Please make every effort to be at this meeting on time. After the meeting, carpooling will be arranged and the adults head out to the planting site first. Maps will be available.

Our ‘Green Mufti-Day’ to help raise funds to cover the cost of buses was last Friday. We would like to thank our whole Pinehill community for their generosity. We raised $530 which will pay for 1 and a half buses. We really appreciate your support with this fundraising.

If families have misplaced the gear list for this event, an electronic version can be found on the school website (School information - notices, forms and permission slips - 2023 TFS gear list). It is important that the students have the correct gear for the day.

Thank you, The Year 5/6 Team

Pinehill School Disco 29th June

This years theme is all about celebrating your favorite movie characters. From
superheroes to princesses, the school hall will be transformed into a vibrant scene
straight out of the silver screen. The DJ will spin the latest chart-topping hits, along
with tunes from iconic movie soundtracks.

Junior Session: 5:00 - 6:15 pm
Senior Session: 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Cash Sale Only
- Ticket Only $10 (including 1 glow stick)
- Photo Booth Combo $15 (include 1 photo, 1 glow stick, 1 lolly bag) **
**Due to photo booth capacity limitation, we can only accommodate 30 and 50 for
Junior and Senior discos respectively.

Tickets will be on sale in Hall Foyer:
- Monday 26 June to Wednesday 28 June: 8:30 - 9:00 am & 2:45 - 3:15 am.
- Thursday 29 June: 8:30 - 9:00 am and door sales at the discos.

Helpers Needed!
Do you have a passion for music and a love for dancing? Here is an exciting
opportunity for you! We are seeking volunteers to join FOPS, bringing this fantastic
night to life. We need volunteers for both Junior and Senior discos ensuring the
event runs smoothly and safely.
Roles include:
- Glow sticks and glow items selling
- Food and drink sales and queues
- Face painting
- Hair braiding
- Photo Booth
- Helping out around the disco
- Clean up after each session
Please email pinehillfops@gmail.com, and we will get in touch with you. We
appreciate your support!

Disco Cookie Donation
We have a special request for our upcoming School Disco! Your incredible cookies
delighted our tamariki last year, as we gear up for another spectacular school disco,
we’re again reaching out for your kind support. Homemade or store-bought, every
cookie counts! Please drop off your cookie donations at the school’s office on
Thursday, June 29th. Ingredients need to be listed for health and safety. We
sincerely thank you for your support in making our School Disco an unforgettable
night for our shining stars!
Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

Classroom Awards

  • 1 - Marie Esterhuizen and Michael Zhu
  • 2 - Victoria Meshkova
  • 3 - Lihan Loots
  • 4 - Ashley Yang
  • 6 - Joshua Lim
  • 7 - Sophia Yang
  • 9 - Adam Lim
  • 10 - Rocco Robinson - Lea'aetoa
  • 11 - Gillian Guo
  • 12 - Nia Chunilall
  • 13 - Purum You
  • 14 - Selina Ma
  • 15 - Zoe Wood
  • 16 - Cecilia Marange
  • 17 - Lincoln Robinson - Lea'aetoa
  • 18 - Carina Lan
  • 19 - Kyson Zhang
  • 20 - Emily Yu

Player of the day

Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirate
Bodhi- Earl Kingi
Year 3/4 Magic
Blake Hambrook
Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat
Adam Sng
Lucas Song

Year Kiwis
POD - Amaya France
Coaches Award - Mia W
Sportmanship - Elaine Liu
Year 3/4 Mystics
Rua Han
Year 5 Ferns
Amy Kim and Zané Van Heerden
Year 6 Dragons
The whole team for playing so well

Flippaball - Players required

Pinehill's Flippaball team is growing, we are seeking 2-4 new players (from year 4-6) to grow the sport to two teams for Term 3. If you are interested in joining the team or just finding out more about the sport, please join our training session on Saturday 17th June at 5.30pm at the AUT Millenium Pool.

Young Guns Skate School.

Skateboarding, Safety, Responsibility, Respect and Perseverance taught by top NZ skateboarders. Young Guns Skate School is coming to Pinehill School on Wednesdays after school, starting in Term 3. All skill levels are welcome from beginners and up. No full term bookings are required and skateboards and helmets can be provided. Tech Deck prizes to be won at all classes. For all bookings and more information, visit the Pinehill Skate School page on our website: www.younggunsskateschool.co.nz

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