May 2023 Edition
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Term 2, Week 4 Wednesday 17th May 2023

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

This week’s message is coming to you from Camp Headquarters. I am privileged to be spending time with our Year 4 students, their amazing teachers and wonderful parent helpers at Peter Snell Youth Village in Whangaparaoa. Camp is a great opportunity to make new friends, strengthen existing ones and form further bonds with teachers, as a class and as a year group.

Our students are in for an exciting few days as they participate in a variety of activities, including archery, bivouac building, frisbee golf, waterslide, confidence course and more. The Pinehill Way will be put into practice daily as students develop their confidence, resilience, and teamwork skills.

Cross Country
Year 1 & 2 Cross County
Congratulations to all of the Year 0, 1 and 2 children who ran in the junior cross country on Tuesday morning. The weather held out and the field provided an excellent flat course with lots of viewing opportunities for the many family members who came to support the runners. All classes have been training very hard this term as part of their fitness programme and we are very proud of the effort put in by all of the children. Well done everyone.

Year 1
1st Noor Hassan 2nd Selina Ma 3rd Iris Wang
1st Teifion Tavita 2nd Jayden Wang 3rd Jordan Penny
Year 2
1st Shirley Yang 2nd Caroline Li 3rd Mia Wang
1st Chase Zhao 2nd Targitai Zaseev 3rd Louis Liu

Year 3 - 6 Cross County
Well done to all of our Y3-6 runners for taking part in our cross country races on Tuesday. There were some outstanding performances. The Pinehill Way shone through all our runners today, including resilience and excellence. Thank you to all the parents who came out to support our runners. Our top eight athletes in the Y4-6 groups, plus some extras, will be continuing to train for the Cluster event to be held early next term.

Year 3
1st Sophia Dixon 2nd Olivia Wang 3rd Cali Watson
1st Kim Lin 2nd Hayun Kim 3rd Nathan Jin
Year 4
1st Clare Li 2nd Ailsa Zhang 3rd Ella Shen
1st Rocco Robinson - Lea'aetoa 2nd Sejun Kim 3rd Tristan Wang
Year 5
1st Daisy Yang 2nd Mia Chen 3rd Cici Li
1st Winston Zheng 2nd Daniel Zhou 3rd Allen Bai
Year 6
1st Miya Zhao 2nd Emily Ke 3rd Ehani Huang
1st Sean Lee 2nd Gavin Wang 3rd Adam Sng

Better Start Literacy Parent Afternoon
At Pinehill School in Year 0-Y2 we use the Better Start Literacy Approach (structured literacy approach) when teaching our students to read and write. On Monday afternoon, Deputy Principal Kirstin Blanchard, Karen Blau and the Junior Team held an information session on what this involves and how you can support at home for parents, which was very well attended.
The Better Start Literacy Approach has been developed by a team of researchers at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ. It is based on research evidence from several years of research trials investigating effective and efficient ways to ensure early language and literacy success for all children. If you missed the parent afternoon but want to find out more, please visit this website
We will hold another parent information session next term.

Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) 2023
At our recent board meeting, Deputy Principal, Sarah Ward shared our PAT test results.
In Term 1, our year 4 to 6 students sat Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) in Reading comprehension and Mathematics. These are standardised tests which compare the achievement of Pinehill students to normed national results.
These graphs show that our students (shown in colour) are performing well against the national reference group (shaded grey).
The median score is the black horizontal line in the centre of the box. Pinehill medians are above the national median in every year group in both curriculum areas. Exceptional results in mathematics can be seen where the Pinehill median is close to the upper quartile of national scores.

Education in NZ - Parent workshop
On Monday morning, we hosted our first information morning for Chinese parents to acquire a general understanding about NZ education, especially in comparison to education in China.
The meeting gave parents a better understanding about NZ culture and values, the education system and how parents can support their children to integrate better at school and into the local community and life in NZ. Chrsitine Johnston, our teacher in R16 was able to support the meeting and is available to support with any further questions around this. The workshop was well attended and we plan to host this on an annual basis.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal

Resilience Project

“Dis!” Week is coming…
“What?” we hear you ask. “Dis?”
Yes, “Dis!”

Last term we shared with you the link to Hugh’s video based on the important role gratitude has in our lives. If you didn’t get a chance to watch this video, here is the link again:
During his time working in a school in a remote part of northern India, Hugh met a boy who changed his life. Stanzin took the time everyday to acknowledge the many things in his life he was grateful for, whether it was his bowl of plain rice for lunch, his broken shoes, or his friends as he played. Stanzin would regularly stop, point at whatever he was grateful for and say, “Dis!” (“This!”).

Part of The Resilience Project is building the capacity in our tamariki, our Pinehill staff and our Pinehill whanau for finding things in our day to be grateful for. It’s a way to ‘up the positivity’ in our daily lives.

Next week is “Dis!” Week.

All of our classes and staff will be spending time each day acknowledging our “Dis!” moments and sharing them in different ways. You, as parents and families, might also be asked to contribute to our collection of “Dis!” moments. Stay tuned 😊

Pink Shirt Day - Anti Bullying - GOLD COIN DONATION

Pink Shirt Mufti Day
This week is Bully free week. The Resilience Project and the Pinehill Way show that we do not accept any form of bullying. In classrooms this week we have had a continued focus on how we can spread aroha and kindness and look after each other.
This Friday 19th May, alongside many schools and businesses nationwide, Pinehill School will have a Pink Shirt Mufti Day. Your child is able to wear pink or colours close to pink (purple, burgundy, red) and bring a gold coin donation. Money raised will be sent to the Mental Health Foundation.

Walking to School Week

Walking to School Week - Te wiki o te hikoi ki te kura

We are trying something different for Walking to School Week. This term it will run over two weeks, Week 5 and Week 6. The class that has the most walkers over the two weeks will win $100 worth of pizza for lunch.

Students can earn points by walking all the way or part of the way to school. The simplest way is to walk all the way to school.

However, if they need to come some of the way by car, then there are two drop-off points.
1 - On the corner of Hugh Green Drive and Bundoran Way, from where they walk up Hugh Green Drive and in the front gates.
2 - On the corner of Spencer Road and Maidstone Place, from where they walk along Spencer Road and in the top gate at the drop-off zone.

Students who are dropped off at the drop-off zone, or in front of school will not earn house points.

They will be met close to the gates by House Leaders who will give them stickers to add to their class chart.

Walking to school is a great way for students to get fit, and talk with their friends. It will also free up the streets around the school by taking some cars off the road which will improve the environment for all of our regular walkers.

本学期步行上学周将持续两周 - 5周和第6周。在这两周内步行上学人数最多的班级将赢得价值$100的比萨午餐!
1 - 位于Hugh Green DriveBundoran Way的拐角处,从那里步行至Hugh Green Drive并通过学校正门进入学校。
2 - 位于Spencer RoadMaidstone Place的拐角处,从那里沿着Spencer Road步行,并通过上下车区域(drop off point) 的侧门进入学校。
House Leaders会在每个门口迎接学生,并派发贴纸以添加到他们班级的积分表上。

Players of the day

Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates
Maia Skudder
Year 3/4 Pinehill Magic
Hannah Zhang
Year 5/6 Celtics
Lucas Wang
Austin Bai
Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat
Lucas Staples
Year 5/6 Pinehill Pistons

Pinehill Sealions
Zaria Cheng

Year 1/2 Pinehill Kiwis
Reggie Ma
Sportsmanship Award - Aubree Huo
Coaches Award - Amber Zhang
Year 3/4 Pinehill Mystics
Maia Skudder
Year 5 PInehill Ferns
Amy Kim
Suraya Sadeek
Year 6 Pinehill Dragons
Natasha Murray

Classroom Awards

  • 1 - Islam Althoman
  • 2 - Aiyanna Whaanga
  • 3 - Olivia Wang
  • 4 - Ehani Huang
  • 6 - France Liu
  • 7 - Amarnee Tapu
  • 9 - Chloe Kim
  • 10 - Oliver Zhang
  • 11 - Tess Bateup
  • 12 - Owen Zhang
  • 13 - Mia Xu
  • 14 - Hazel Lee
  • 15 - Elgan Wongso
  • 16 - Inaya Szakacs
  • 17 - Aiden Cen
  • 18 - Natalie Qin
  • 19 - Lily Guo
  • 20 - Aditri Nakkala

Friends of Pinehill School

It’s Snack Food Friday This Week. Next Fun Food Friday is on 26 May, and online
orders open this Saturday, 20 May. Every order raises $1 towards the new
basketball hoops for our roadside court. Thank you so much for your support!

Second-Hand Uniforms Donation
If you have spare uniforms your child no longer wears, please donate them for us to
sell at our second-hand uniforms online store. We accept uniforms in any condition.
However, we ask them to be in a clean and resalable state. Please hand in your
donation to the school office. Thank you very much for your generosity!
FOPS volunteers operate this online store to raise money for the new kapa haka
uniforms for our tamariki. The volunteers gave up their time to make this possible.
Therefore, the store does not have set opening hours. We thank you for your
patience and understanding. If you have urgent enquiries, please email us at

Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

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