May 2023 Edition
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Term 2, Week 6 Wednesday 31st May 2023

A message from the Principal

Dis Week
Last week was “Dis Week” at Pinehill School. Dis week has come about from The Resilience Project, which is part of our wellbeing programme at Pinehill School. Previously we have shared a link to Hugh van Cuylenburg’s video based on the important role gratitude has in our lives. If you didn’t get a chance to watch this video, here is the link again.
During his time working in a school in a remote part of northern India, Hugh met a boy who changed his life. Stanzin took the time everyday to acknowledge the many things in his life he was grateful for, whether it was his bowl of plain rice for lunch, his broken shoes, or his friends as he played. Stanzin would regularly stop, point at whatever he was grateful for and say, “Dis!” (“This!”).

Part of The Resilience Project is building the capacity in our tamariki, our Pinehill staff and our Pinehill whanau for finding things in our day to be grateful for. It’s a way to ‘up the positivity’ in our daily lives.

All of our classes and staff spent time last week, each day acknowledging our “Dis!” moments and sharing them in different ways. These are being shared and celebrated on our digital roadside sign, in this newsletter and in classrooms.
Last week a few of my “dis” moments included the following…
Monday morning, two reading groups in Room 20 shared their Better Start Literacy reading with me. They were so passionate about the shark facts and Hilary Edmond text they were reading and read with confidence, fluency and enjoyment as well as sounding out tricky words they came across. This gave me so much joy! “Dis.”.
Tuesday afternoon assembly hosted by Room 4 sharing their Kindness monsters, art and creative writing. I was so very proud of all our student’s sharing and their individual positive kindness messages. I also loved the whole school singing their hearts out to the ‘Sausages and Custard’ song….”Dis”
Wednesday morning, my early morning sunrise run was in a light drizzle of rain. It was so, so refreshing and an amazing way to start the day! “Dis”
Thursday afternoon an unexpected small session teaching in Room 11 came about so that their teacher could have a break and some lunch after a lunchtime meeting. Room 11 were awesome! They were writing camp moment memories and shared these afterwards. We shared our memories of camp which was so much fun and we couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the Burma Trail was….”Dis”
Friday morning - the staff morning tea crew put on an amazing spread ….smells, tastes, stories and laughter with an amazing staff….”Dis”
What “Dis” moments have you had today? We encourage you to share your “Dis’’ moments as a family. This could be at the dinner table, during the car ride to school or sports practice or even before bed time. It’s a way to continue to ‘up the positivity’ in our daily lives.

Medicine authority form
As the cooler weather starts to set in, we are noticing some students bringing medication to school. Please note that the school will only administer prescription medication to students whose parents have made a formal request. Parents/caregivers need to complete a medicine authority form.
Please see our medicines policy which can be found alongside all our school policies on
Username: pinehill
Password: pinehillway

Uniform polar fleeces and sweatshirts
With the cooler temperatures, students are wearing polar fleeces and sweatshirts to school. Our classrooms are heated and students are delayering during the day. Please check that your child’s polar fleece or sweatshirt is clearly named. We have a lost property mountain forming and are finding many items of clothing at school with no name, name of a previous student, or an unreadable name and are unable to return them. Our Lost Property box can be found in the corner of the cloak bay, opposite Room 5.

A reminder that we have a long weekend, this up and coming weekend. King’s Birthday is a public holiday on Monday 5th June and school is closed. We look forward to seeing the children after the long weekend, back at school on Tuesday 6th June.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal

Resilience Project

“Dis!” Week was full of positivity for us all last week.

Room 20 shared their “Dis!” moments on seesaw.
Room 16 created compliment cards. When they acknowledged that they are all unique individuals with amazing character strengths, they thought 'Dis'!
Room 4 made slides about their “Dis!” moments.

Room 9 shared some of their “Dis!” moments with the whole school at yesterday’s assembly.

Our job now is to keep up this habit of collecting “Dis!” moments every day. Research says this increases our positivity. We certainly found this to be true last week. Talking at home about family members’ “Dis!” moments would be positive sharing too. Give it a go!
Pinehill Production 2023

Our school is staging a musical production in Week 9 of Term 3, entitled ‘Gillian: Dog in the Big City’. It is an original show that has been written for Pinehill. It has an appealing story and lots of catchy songs. Staging the show will give us all a great opportunity to be creative and imaginative through engaging with dance, drama and singing.

All Year 4, 5 and 6 students will be part of the cast. We are very excited to be having a focus on The Arts Curriculum during the third term. Practices will start in term 3 and will be held in school time.

The evening performances will be on the following dates:
Tuesday 12 Sept 6:30pm
Wednesday 13 Sept 6:30pm
Thursday 14 Sept 6:30pm
Please take a note of these dates. We appreciate your support with ensuring your child is available for all these performances. It will be a real team effort and we need everybody there for the shows to be successful.

Planning is well underway for our production. There was a meeting yesterday for students who wish to audition for a speaking role. These auditions will start on Friday 2 June and Tuesday 6 June.

Trees for Survival Planting Out Day Friday 16 June

Thank you to the students who have returned their permission slips for our upcoming planting out day. These are due by this Friday, 2 June. Please consider if you, or another family member, are able to support us as an adult helper. It is very important that we have a high number of adult supporters for this experience to be successful.Thank you, Year 5/6 Team

Players of the day

Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates
Harlyn Yao
Sejun Kim
Year 3/4 Pinehill Magic
Kobe Taylor
Year 5/6 Celtics
Austin Bai
Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat
Cronos Haumaha - Anderson

Pinehill Sealions
Oscar Yang

Year 2/3 Kiwis
Aubree Huo and Olivia Tangi
Sportsman Award
Emily Shen, Jason and Arie
Coaches Award
Amaya France and Tina Dehar
Year 3/4 Pinehill Mystics
Sophia Dixon
Year 5 PInehill Ferns
Aleen Hassan
Imogen Reddish
Year 6 Pinehill Dragons
Emily Ke

Classroom Awards

  • 1 - Albert Zhang
  • 2 - Charlotte Song
  • 3 - Cameron Kyaw
  • 4 - Maaz Mohamed
  • 6 - Harym Kim
  • 7 - Adam Nasr
  • 9 - Luodi Kang
  • 10 - Milly Song
  • 11 - Davika My
  • 12 - Shelby McCarthy
  • 13 - Jayden Wang
  • 14 - Lott Zeng
  • 15 - Tania Luo
  • 16 - Charles Buenaventura
  • 17 - Amaya France
  • 18 - Advik Nakkala
  • 19 - Olivia Song
  • 20 - Oliver Mariz Rezende

Pinehill School Disco

Pinehill School Disco 29 June - Theme & Session Times
This years theme is all about celebrating your favourite movie characters. From
superheroes to princesses, the school hall will be transformed into a vibrant scene
straight out of the silver screen. The DJ will spin the latest chart-topping hits, along
with tunes from iconic movie soundtracks.
Junior Session: 5:00 - 6:15 pm
Senior Session: 6:30 - 8:00 pm
More details about ticketing will come.

Friends of Pinehill School

It’s Snack Food Friday This Week. Next Fun Food Friday is on 9 June, and online
orders open this Saturday, 3 June. Every order raises $1 towards the new basketball
hoops for our roadside court. Thank you so much for your support!

Mother’s Day Special Extended Entertainment Membership
Offer extended, receive a bonus $40 eGift card when you buy a 24-month Membership to
The Entertainment App or a bonus $20 eGift card when you buy a 12-month Membership.
20% of every purchase goes to school for purchasing new basketball hoops. Click the link below to go directly to our designated fundraising page.

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