October 2023 Edition
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Term 4, Week 2 Wednesday 18th October 2023

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

A very warm welcome back to all of our students and whānau.
We have had a fantastic start and the children have come back motivated, engaged and ready for an exciting Term 4 ahead.
We began the term together as a whole school with a mihi whakatau to welcome our 20 new students and their families to Pinehill School. It is important to us that your move to our school is as easy as possible. If there is anything you need to know, please do pop in and ask. No question is ever too small.

Term 4 School Events Snapshot
This term we have many exciting events, and we will continue to update you with dates and further information closer to the time of these events.

A snapshot of events coming up include…
  • Year 4-6 School athletics on the 15th November
  • Year 0-3 School athletics on the 6th December
  • In week 5 and 6 (7th -22nd November) we have the Life Education Caravan on the school site with timetabled sessions with all our classes in the school.
  • We also have an exciting end of year event, a Christmas Concert and picnic taking place under the Taumaru and school field area on Wednesday 22nd November at 5:00pm. Our children are learning a Christmas themed song this term which will be performed on the night with all the classes in each team. We are all very excited about this event and the opportunity to come together as a Pinehill School family towards the end of what has been a fabulous year.
Please also mark in your calendars, our end of year prize giving date and times. This will take place on Thursday 7th December. Y0 -Y3 Prizegiving is at 9:00am and Y4-Y6 Prizegiving is at 1pm in the school hall.

A few Term 4 reminders:
Well done to those children who have already worn their hat outside to start the school term. All New Zealand schools are required to ensure that hats are worn in summer months. Term 4 is one of our summer terms, requiring that our students wear a hat when they are outside at break and play times. This will be monitored by school staff. If a hat is not worn outside, children are directed to play in the shade areas only. Children may wear a hat of their choice or purchase a school hat from our uniform providers Janbells Ltd. Please name your child's hat, and all clothing.

8:50am Start
Pinehill School uses an electronic roll that has approval from the Ministry of Education. The roll is taken twice daily at 8:50am and 1:30pm. It is important for you to ensure that your child is at school promptly by 8:50am. Many important notices are also shared at this time. Children arriving at school before 8:15am can be registered to attend PKC, before school care. Arriving by 8:40am will allow your child to get ready for learning, greet their teacher and mix with their peers, ensuring a positive stress free start to the day.

If your child is going to be absent, please notify the school office through the SchoolApp, phone 094780301 or email us at info@pinehill.school.nz You can also fill in and submit a form under the ‘contact us’ tab on our school website www.pinehill.school.nz with your child’s name, room number, absence date/dates and reason.

If your child is not in class at 8:50am when the bell rings, either you or your child must sign in on the tablet at the office and collect a slip to present to the classroom teacher. If you receive a text to say that your child is not in class please reply to the text or call the office.
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Cohort Entry

Cohort entry is when a school has two entry points per term for children to start school after they have turned five:
  • on the first day of term
  • at a mid-point during the term
We have now consulted with our staff, parents of current and prospective students, and local early learning services to find out whether the policy is generally acceptable.
As you can see from the image above, 91% of the responders thought it was a great idea.

We can now confirm that we will bring in cohort entry at Pinehill School from the beginning of next year, Term 1, 2024. We anticipate that cohort entry will help our youngest children to have a smoother and more settled start at our school.

I hope your child/children have had a great start to Term 4.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal

The Resilience Project

The catastrophe scale

Room 16 has been using the catastrophe as a tool to talk about strong emotions and the kind of situations that can make us feel these emotions. Part of understanding why we can sometimes react so strongly when things happen is because of our amygdala - the part of our brain that controls our ‘fight or flight’ responses. Certain situations can set our amygdala off. This can then override our ability to make sensible decisions about how to react. Deciding how ‘big or small’ a situation is can help us react to it more appropriately.

The video link below shows someone explaining how we as adults working or living with young people can think or talk about the concept of perspective when situations arise that might upset or challenge. The metaphor for this particular scale uses a guard dog.

Guard dog catastrophe scale

After discussing a range of issues or situations and where they would place them on this scale, Room 16 then designed their own personal catastrophe scale.

Thanks for sharing, Room 16

School Board Mid Term Elections 2023

Voting papers will be emailed by end today. If there are any invalid emails, the papers will be sent to your address by mail.
Voting closes 4pm November 15th 2023
Introducing our nominees below -
My name is Amali Shermila K. Weerakoon, and I am running for the Pinehill School Board as a parent of this institution. My son, Keion Gunarathne, is currently enrolled in year 2. I hail from Sri Lanka and am now a permanent resident of New Zealand.
At present, I am an Administrator for a Health Care Facility, having earned an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. I am thirty-seven years old and have been residing in New Zealand since 2013.
As a parent of Pinehill School, I believe I can contribute significantly to the institutions well-being by sharing my knowledge, expertise, and experiences.
As a mother, I am grateful and honoured to have my son enrolled in this esteemed school. I take immense pride in the fact that he is being mentored, moulded, nurtured, and educated to become a valuable contributor to the country.
As a parent, I believe it's my responsibility to share my knowledge and resources with the school community. I am convinced that my active participation and contribution could be of immense value to the school board. With this in mind, I would like to nominate myself as a prospective member of the School Board. My intention is to play an active role in the boards activities and provide valuable insights that would assist the school administration in executing plans for the betterment of our children.
I humbly request your consideration for nomination to the School Board. If elected, I pledge my unwavering commitment and dedication to upholding the schools standards and working tirelessly towards its betterment. I aim to meet and exceed your expectations, and I would
be honored to serve in this capacity.

Kia Ora Pinehill,
As a raised and educated resident on the North Shore, I have long standing experience in the education system being both through it myself, as well as working in the sector.
I’m passionate in ensuring that all students get the same level of opportunity at Pinehill School. Along with many years of working in government education departments, I also bring along my experience in business and charity sectors. Currently working on ensuring digital equity to the wider Aotearoa community.
Most importantly, I’m just a mum who is here to support other parents.
I look forward to using my skills for the betterment of Pinehill in any way I can.
Nga Mihi.

I am thrilled to express my candidacy for Pinehill School Board Election.
With just under 2 decades of experience as a devoted Childcare Manager and teacher and a deep-rooted passion for education, I understand the pivotal role it plays in shaping our children’s future. I am committed to ensuring their well-being and development are at the forefront of every decision. Your vote would allow me to contribute wholeheartedly to our
childrens growth and the overall prosperity for our children and communities future.
If elected, I aim to be a strong advocate for parents and ensure that our collective voice is heard. Together, we can collaborate to build an even more supportive and enriching environment for our children that truly reflects collective aspirations. Your vote would empower me to continue this journey of enhancing the educational experience for our
My name is Polina Kim, and I am standing for the Pinehill School (Browns Bay) School Board.
Seventeen years ago, I moved to New Zealand from Russia. I have completed my qualification in Business at the University of Auckland and worked in customer service, administration, and event management. After ten years of working in organizing academic conferences and events at the University of Auckland, AUT, and Massey University, I have decided to focus on my family while my kids are growing. Today I am a devoted stay-at-home mother of two beautiful children. My son is a current student at the Pinehill School, and my daughter will start school in 2024.
Ever since my son started school, I have seen a lot of positive developments at the school, I thoroughly enjoy being part of the school’s events and I am always happy to contribute to its success by taking part in cultural week presentations, attending assemblies, and
supporting initiatives like school grounds development. I am excited to have an opportunity to support the school, its students, and the community by participating in the school board meetings. If elected, I will happily use my knowledge, skills, and experience to benefit the school and its community.

Player of the day

Basketball Juniors
Aisen Krivoshapkin
Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates
Hugh Reddish
Year 3/4 Magic
Daniel Liu
Hannah Zheng
Year 5/6 Celtics
Lucas Wang
Winston Zheng
Austin Bai
Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat
Jake Skudder


Leo Sun
Jason Tse


Maia Skudder
Aleen Hassan
Amy Kim
Suraya Saddek

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