November 2023 Edition
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Term 4, Week 4 Wednesday 1st October 2023

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

Welcome to Week 4! The term is racing by and it’s hard to believe that November is now upon us! We have reached that time of year when teachers are starting to place children in classes for 2024.

Class Placements for 2024
As you would appreciate, we have many things to consider when placing children together. Some of these are:
  • equal class sizes
  • male/female mix
  • balancing children with English as a second language across classes
  • academic balance
  • children who learn well together
  • children who do not learn well together
  • children needing learning or behaviour support
  • student relationships
Teachers have a lot of knowledge about their students, and parents can be assured that a considerable amount of thought goes into making the best placement for each child. Teachers will talk with the students in their class about positive learning relationships/friendships, which will be taken into account.

If you have any special considerations about your child’s placement that you wish for us to be aware of please put these in writing to our deputy principal, Sarah Ward by Friday 10 November. Requests for specific teachers are not able to be accommodated. As mentioned above, friendship requests will be considered.

If for some reason you are NOT returning to our school in 2024 and haven’t yet told us, could you please let the office know, This helps us with the class organisation.
Alternatively, if you have a younger child who is nearing 5 years of age and will start in term 1, please do check out our enrolment information on our school website or contact the school office for enrolment information.

Christmas Concert
We are looking forward to our up and coming ‘Pinehill Christmas Concert and Picnic’ taking place under the Taumaru and school field area on Wednesday 22nd November at 5:00pm. Our children are learning a Christmas themed song this term which will be performed on the night with all the classes in each team. We are all very excited about this event and the opportunity to come together as a Pinehill School family towards the end of what has been a fabulous year.
At the Christmas Concert, we will be collecting non-perishable food items (cans or packages). We encourage families to bring a non-perishable food item to drop into our boxes by the court, which will be delivered to our local food bank.
As we lead up to the Christmas concert FoPs (Friends of Pinehill School) are receiving any sponsorship or donations for raffles to support our school fundraising. If you are able to contribute please contact

‘NZ Shake Out’
We continue to keep up to date with our emergency procedures and drills. These are practised each term and reviewed thoroughly. Since the last newsletter, Pinehill School (along with many other schools and businesses across NZ), participated in the ‘NZ Shake Out’, which is our national earthquake drill. We played the audio announcement over our loudspeaker system and classes all practised the ‘drop, cover and hold’ actions. We were very impressed with how diligent and responsible the children were throughout the drill.

Table tennis table
A while ago when surveying the children on what makes our school great and what would make it even better, we had many ask if we could get an outdoor table tennis table. Thank you to the Board of Trustees who have funded this project. Our first concrete table tennis table has arrived. We have positioned the table on the concrete slab by the stairs that head down to our field. It was the perfect, flat (as required) space for this. The students were very excited about the announcement at assembly and I am looking forward to the hours of play and fun ahead.

Currently, our table tennis table is in parts and needs to be assembled. We are after 3-4 strong dads and/or mums who can meet us at 8:15am on Monday to help put our table together. What a great workout opportunity.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,
Carla Veldman, Principal
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The Resilience Project

We hope you enjoy these Gratitude Trees created by Room 4. They thought carefully about what is important to them in their lives, as well as the life messages they want others to know. Be inspired! We have so much to learn from rangatahi.

School Board Mid Term Elections 2023

Voting closes November 15th at 4pm

House Leader Congratulations

Congratulations to Gabrielle Brooks who has been successful with stepping into a house leader role for Motuihe. Gabrielle was awarded her house leader badges at assembly. We look forward to your house leader support over term 4 Gabrielle.

Stars of the week

We have a spotlight on our Pinehill Way cog of Responsibility this term. Our house leader, Sean Lee, has developed a house leader project which includes a responsibility shout out box in the library. When anyone in the school is caught displaying responsibility, their name and room are recorded and placed into the Pinehill Way Shout Out Box. All names are acknowledged at assembly and one is pulled out of the box. Their photo is taken and displayed acknowledging them. Instead of Employee of the month we have Pinehill Way of the week. There will be two names in each newsletter from assemblies in between. Congratulations Daisy Yang and Emma Jin

Matthew Yang

Melvis Chong Yew Sheng

Gavin Guo

Shield Winners - Term 4 - Weeks 1-3

Room 1 - Vincent Van Iddekinge - Bodhi-Earl Kingi - Jun Goh
Room 2 - Everyone in Room 2 - Hugh Reddish - Irene Park
Room 3 - Keren Tubac - Emily Shi - Cali Watson
Room 4 - Joy Lin - Aiden Wu - Olivia Haycock
Room 6 - Toha van der Westhuizen - Preesha Pradeep Raj Arthishree - Deekhsha Viswanath
Room 7 - Adam Nasr - Miya Zhao - Emily Ke
Room 8 - Miracle Niroshan - Timothy Zhang - Jack Ma
Room 9 - Tristan Wang - Melissa Pove - Beauden Alofaki
Room 10 - Zaria Cheng - Joshua Marange - Roberto Ortiz Lam
Room 11 - Xinyi Ji - Eden Zhao - Davika My
Room 12 - Rina Kang - Hazel Huang -Jiahui Chen
Room 13 - Jordan Penny - Purum You - Aiden Wang
Room 14 - Evie Bateup - Borna Arghamiri - Hazel Lee
Room 15 - Kitty Shen - Erinn Cheng - Matthew Carter
Room 16 - Chenxi Xing - Jo Cheng - Austin Bai
Room 17 - Marcus Lu - Caroline Li - Tommy My
Room 18 - Oliver Maurovich - Suraya Moharam - Mingyu Dong
Room 19 - Emily Wang - Dew Jayamanna - Maxwell Early
Room 20 - Avniel Kumar - Emily Gong - Venus Liu

Player of the day


Louis Liu
Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates
Haytham Hassan
Year 3/4 Magic
Sejun Kim
Year 5/6 Celtics
Jonathan Qiao
Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat
Sean Lee
Gavin Wang


Daniel Liu
Lucas Wang


Ella Shen
Zané Van Heerden

Upcoming Events

Friday 3rd November - Photolife Team photos
Wednesday 15th November - Year 4-6 Athletics Day
Wednesday 22nd November - Xmas Picnic
Wednesday 6th December - Year 0-3 Sports Day
Thursday 7th December - Year 0-3 Prizegiving 9am to 10.30am
Year 4-6 Prizegiving 1pm to 3pm
Monday 11th December - Year 6 Graduation Breakfast
Tuesday 12th December - Pinehills Got Talent 11am - 12pm
Thursday 14th December - Last day of School.

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