May 2024 Edition
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Term 2, Week 4 Wednesday 22nd May 2024

A message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

It is “Dis Week” at Pinehill School. Dis week has come about from The Resilience Project, which is a wellbeing programme in schools.

During his time working in a school in a remote part of northern India, Hugh met a boy who changed his life. Stanzin took the time everyday to acknowledge the many things in his life he was grateful for, whether it was his bowl of plain rice for lunch, his broken shoes, or his friends as he played. Stanzin would regularly stop, point at whatever he was grateful for and say, “Dis!” (“This!”).
After spending time with Stanzin and the other villagers, Hugh realised they were onto something: a way to grow positivity through acknowledging the small, good moments in your daily life and the things to be grateful for. It switches the focus from what we don’t have to what we do have.

From this chance meeting, The Resilience Project was developed. Pinehill was lucky to work with Hugh’s resources for several years. The idea of “Dis!” has stuck with us and we say it often. We continue the practice to build the capacity in our tamariki, our Pinehill staff and our Pinehill whānau for finding things in our day to be grateful for. It’s a way to ‘up the positivity’ in our daily lives.

All of our classes and staff are spending time this week, each day acknowledging our “Dis!” moments and sharing them in different ways. These are being shared and celebrated on our TV station messages, digital roadside sign, in this newsletter and in classrooms.
So far this week a few of my “dis” moments include the following…

Monday morning, feeling well again after being hit by the flu - seeing the students at the gate as they arrived at school and spending time hearing about their weekend adventures. This gave me so much joy! “Dis.”.

Tuesday afternoon assembly hosted by Room 20 sharing their EOTC learning with the pop up play they had on the field adventures. Their story writing sentences and beautiful class mural of EOTC were amazing. I also loved the whole school singing their hearts out to ‘If you’re Happy and you know it’ and the ‘HAPPY’ song….”Dis”
Wednesday morning, my early morning sunrise run was in a light drizzle of rain. It was so, so refreshing and an amazing way to start the day! “Dis”

Pinehill School Cross Country
Congratulations to all of our students in Year 4 to Year 6 who ran in Pinehill School’s competitive cross country run yesterday. The weather held out and the field provided an excellent flat course with lots of viewing opportunities for the many family members who came to support the runners. All classes have been training very hard this term as part of their fitness programme for the Cross Country and FUN RUN events and we are very proud of the effort put in by all of the children. Well done everyone. Please see the results below.
Our top qualifying athletes in the Y4-6 groups, will be continuing to train for the Cluster event to be held early next term.

Year 4
Girls 1st Sophia Dixon 2nd Olivia Qin 3rd Emily Shi
Boys 1st Kim Lin 2nd Nathan Jin 3rd Haythan Hassan
Year 5
Girls 1st Claire Li 2nd Iris Jiang 3rd Chloe Kim
Boys 1st Rocco Robinson-Lea'aetoa 2nd Rocky An 3rd Sejun Kim
Year 6
Girls 1st Daisy Yang 2nd Mia Chen 3rd Annie Xie
Boys 1st Daniel Zhou 2nd Brian Jun 3rd Jeremy John

Whole School FUN RUN - TOMORROW Thursday 23rd May
Our first at Pinehill. We welcome our parents, families and whanau to come along and take part in this day. Your clapping and cheers of encouragement and support on the sideline are always welcome. You are also very welcome to join in.
This will be an obstacle course Fun Run event, held at school. All our students will participate in the Fun Run.
1:15pm-1:45pm Y4-Y6 will run the ‘Fun Run’
2:00pm-2:30pm Y0-Y3 will run the ‘Fun Run’

Here is an example of what our Fun Run will be similar to

Please support your child with bringing FUN RUN clothing that is non-precious (old), white or pale coloured clothing that will end up coloured (non-toxic coloured powder part of the run), muddy and no doubt grass stained BUT will look awesome and tell a story of the event at the conclusion.

Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) 2024
At our recent board meeting, Deputy Principal, Sarah Cattell shared our PAT test results.
In Term 1, our year 4 to 6 students sat Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) in Reading comprehension and Mathematics. These are standardised tests which compare the achievement of Pinehill students to normed national results.
These graphs show that our students (shown in colour) are performing well against the national reference group (shaded grey).
The median score is the black horizontal line in the centre of the box. Pinehill medians are above the national median in every year group in both curriculum areas. Exceptional results in mathematics can be seen where the Pinehill median is close to the upper quartile of national scores.

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is an international, evidence and empathy-based classroom program designed for children ages 5 to 13.
Roots of Empathy programme has been at Pinehill School for 13 years. Our children learn so much from having our tiny teachers in their classrooms. At Pinehill School the programme occurs in our year 4 classes.
Our year 4 students spend time every month with a baby from the time the baby is 2- 3 months old till the end of the school year. With the help of an instructor our year 4 students study the baby. They learn about what the baby is feeling. The children fall in love with the baby. They learn alot about feelings and developing the language of emotions. They learn how to have those same feelings for other people. As a result one of the biggest impacts we notice from the programme is our children learning to tune in with each other without needing language. We are grateful to have Roots of Empathy which supports Empathy and Wellbeing.Empathy is foundational to helping children navigate relationships, form connections and be inclusive of others.
You can find out more about Roots of Empathy here -

Below are some written recounts and photographs of recent Roots of Empathy sessions. It was lovely to have Mrs Petzer and baby Lennox back at Pinehill and a part of Room 9’s Roots of Empathy sessions.
Baby Visit One in Room 9
Today we met baby Lennox. I was very very excited. Walking into the hall, I saw everything set-up. First, we sang a welcome song. While we sang the song, we touched baby Lennox’s feet and hands and baby Lennox smiled. Then, Mrs Mulder brought out a toy for baby Lennox. Baby Lennox used his eyes and ears to play with the toy because baby Lennox cannot hold anything yet. Then, mummy Ricarda placed baby Lennox on the pillow and Mrs Mulder put a white and black toy on the other side.Then,we compared a baby doll to baby Lennox. Surprisingly, baby Lennox was bigger than the baby doll. Then, Reggie shared his song from when he was in kindergarten and mummy Ricarda shared a German song that she sang to baby Lennox. After that, mummy Ricarda laid baby Lennox on the blanket. Mrs Mulder brought a toy for Reggie to distract baby Lennox because they were measuring baby Lennox and Reggie.
Then, at the end we sang a goodbye song and while we sang the song we could again touch his feet and hands.Then, we took a picture. By Natalie
Today we met baby Lennox. I got to lie down with baby Lennox. His hand was soft, small and smooth. I played with him on the mat. While I was playing with baby Lennox, Mrs Chatterton took photos of me. What I used to play with baby Lennox, was a toy clam from Mrs Mulder. The toy clam with squeak squeak. When that happened I got so embarrassed I smiled. Baby Lennox was distracted by the squeaking noise of the toy clam.

By Reggie
Pink Shirt Day
Last Friday along with many schools and businesses throughout New Zealand, Pinehill School celebrated Pink Shirt Day. Our school was transformed into a sea of māwhero/pink as we stood together to spread aroha and kindness, celebrate diversity and promote positive social relationships. We raised $326.10. to send in and further support this organisation.
Better Start Literacy Approach (BSLA)
At Pinehill School in Years 0-3 we use a structured Literacy approach known as Better Start Literacy (BSLA)
The aim of the Better Start Literacy Approach is to ensure all children develop the strong foundational skills they need to become strong readers and writers.
The approach has been developed by a team of educators and researchers at the University of Canterbury specifically for our New Zealand educational and cultural context and controlled research trials have proven its effectiveness.

Teachers in our Year 0-Year 3 classrooms at Pinehill School have trained (or are in the process of training) in this approach this year. Since using the Better Start Literacy Approach in classroom programmes, our teachers are already seeing great progress by our ākonga and are excited by the results.

The Better Start Literacy Approach (BSLA) focuses on vocabulary, letter knowledge and phonological awareness instruction.
  • Vocabulary (word learning) - words that we use in speaking or understand in listening, and the words we understand or use in print (writing)
  • Letter Knowledge - letter recognition, letter naming, letter-sound knowledge, and letter writing.
  • Phonological awareness- the ability to hear, identify, make, and work with the sounds and sound patterns of spoken language.
BSLA is taught in a systematic way which ensures important foundations or building blocks for literacy are in place. It involves structured lesson plans, planned games and activities.
It follows a particular sequence for introducing children to letters and sounds, that aligns with the children’s decodable readers. It involves monitoring children’s progress to make sure each child is making expected progress. Teachers call this ‘Scope and Sequence

It was wonderful to see so many parents come along to the parent afternoon last week on BSLA. If you are wanting to know more about BSLA here are some short videos.

Before School and After School Care

Please contact Rochelle from Premium Kids Care on 027 325 3229 for their onsite based care before and after school.

Oscar approved Winz subsidies are available.

Friends of Pinehill School

No Fun Food Friday or Snack Food Friday this week. FOPS wishes all Year 5
and 6 students a fantastic day at the zoo! The next Fun Food Friday will take place
on June 7th.

Friends of Pinehill School
FOPS is a community of parents and teachers dedicated to supporting Pinehill School through fundraising and networking. Being part of FOPS is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the school community and connect with a group of fun, passionate parents. Each member brings their own unique flair and talents, contributing to our dynamic group.

If you're interested in learning more or becoming a part of FOPS, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at Join us in making a difference in our school community! Our next FOPS meeting will take place on May 28th at 9 am in the staff room.
All are welcome!
Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

Star of the Week

Ori Jing

Class Awards

Room 1 - Tommy My and Lily Staples
Room 2 - Shiyun Jung and Lincoln Robinson - Lea'aetoa
Room 3 - Michael Jin and Dew Jayamanna
Room 4 - Matthew Xu and Zoya Qiu
Room 6 - Ella Shen and Elgan Wongso
Room 7- Carina Lan and Hazel Kwok
Room 8 - Teve Van Iddekinge and Rina Kang
Room 9 - Reggie Ma and Quentin Lyu
Room 10 - Jia Tong Zhang and Nathan Jin
Room 11 - Olivia Wang and Serena Morgan
Room 12 - Callum Xu and Noah Park
Room 13 - Marissa Swanepoel and Minsa Ali
Room 14 - Liam Nguyen
Room 15 - Pearl Ahmadi and Maaz Mohamed
Room 16 - Allen Bai and Aizah Kasif
Room 17 - Siwan Kim and Jiyou Kim
Room 18 - Rocky An and Laura Yi
Room 19 - Jad Al-Jawad and Purum You
Room 20 - Melvis Chong Yew Sheng and Roi Kim

Congratulations - Players of the Day

The following students have received player of the day in their sport teams over the last 2 weeks.
Lucas Wang
Aleen Hassan
Amy Kim
Annie Xie
Daisy Yang
Oliver Zhang
Archer Ying
Zahri Pritchard
Allen Bai
Rua Han
Tess Bateup
Rex Wang
Mia Wang
Anna Tian
Emily Shen
Zané Van Heerden
Asees Kaur

Year 5 and 6 students requiring English lessons ?

If your child/ren are in years 5 or 6 and require English lessons please see ad below for course 2.

Evans Kebabs

We have been offered a fundraising opportunity with Evans Kebab Northcross. If any family of Pinehill school buys any meal from them, the school will receive $2 from their purchase.
Just mention Pinehill School when ordering!!

178 Carlisle Road, Northcross, Auckland 0632

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