Cluster Sports

2022 Girls Results

Year 11st Amaya France – 2nd Shirley Yang – 3rd Tina Dehar

Year 21st Eva Tangi – 2nd Sophia Dixon – 3rd Milla Langford

Year 31st Iris Jiang – 2nd Ailsa Zhang – 3rd Ella Shen

Year 41st Daisy Yang – 2nd Mia Chen – 3rd Mariya Yakovenko

Year 51st Miya Zhao – 2nd Emily Ke – 3rd Ehani Huang

Year 61st Lace Patuki – 2nd Charlotte Penny – 3rd Wateen Alhammadi

2022 Boys Results

Year 11st Maxwell Early – 2nd Targatai Zaseev – 3rd Kyson Zhang

Year 21st Nathan Jin – 2nd Jayden Jin – 3rd – Hayule Kim

Year 31st Rocco Robinson – Lea’aetoa – 2nd Tristan Wang – 3rd Adam Lim

Year 41st Daniel Zhou – 2nd Winston Zheng – 3rd Allen Bai

Year 51st Sean Lee – 2nd Gavin Wang – 3rd Nicolas Gonzalez Rojas

Year 61st Nixon Robinson – Lea’aetoa – 2nd Anton Zhao – 3rd Will Gui

Cluster football will be played during this term (term 2). We are currently the holders of the Boys’ title and will be trying hard to defend it.
(Currently Pinehill school does not have any soccer teams)
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