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ERO Report

Pinehill School 2023 profile report – click HERE

There is a new focus to evaluation, Te Ara Huarau that supports each school’s improvement over time. ERO have introduced a new reporting model to ensure it aligns with the key features of the new approach, [Te Ara Huarau].

Key features include ERO:

  • working with all schools in an ongoing way rather than as a one-off event
  • connecting with each school’s strategic planning and reporting cycle as part of their improvement journey
  • working in partnership with schools, collaborating in support of equitable and excellent outcomes for all learners.


Each school will:

  • have a dedicated ERO Review Officer (Evaluation Partner) who works alongside the school
  • have a different experience depending on needs, strengths, and their school’s specific evaluation focus
  • be on a three-year evaluation cycle.