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Friends of Pinehill School

Friends of Pinehill School – About Us

FOPS (Friends of Pinehill School) is a vibrant community of parents and teachers dedicated to supporting Pinehill School through fundraising and networking. Joining FOPS is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the school community and meet a group of fun, passionate parents. If you are curious to learn more or interested in joining FOPS, we would love to hear from you! Join us in making a difference in our school community!

FOPS is comprised of dedicated members who volunteer their time and talents. Here are the main contacts for the 2024 school year:

Co-Presidents: Lulu Li & Lisa Chen

Co-Secretaries: Wendy Chatterton & Dana Duan

Treasurer: Jenny Yu


We host various fundraising events throughout the year. You can find the ongoing fundraisers below, and information on special fundraisers (tailored to the time of year) is communicated in the school newsletter.

Fun Food Friday is an ongoing fortnightly fundraiser held on selected Fridays. The dates are published in the school calendar: Orders open on Kindo Online Shop on the Saturday before and close on Wednesday at midnight. 

We currently offer a variety of Sushi Club sushi and Pizza Hut regular-size pizzas. If you have amazing menu ideas and would like to become a supplier of Fun Food Friday, please contact us by email. 

Snack Food Friday is a weekly cash-only fundraiser on Fridays. Snacks can be purchased at lunchtime by students themselves from the Hall Foyer. We offer potato chips and Juicies ($2.00 each). If you want more information on ingredients, please contact us by email.

Entertainment Membership offers incredible deals on dining, shopping, entertainment and more from over 6,000 merchants across 15,000 locations. 20% of your purchase goes to the school. Help us by sharing this link with your friends and family: Special promotions are advertised in the school newsletter. 

Yummy Stickers is a year-long promotion that turns those little Yummy stickers from apples, nectarines, peaches, and pears into awesome sports equipment for our school! This is the 27th year we have been doing this. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Collect “Yummy” stickers and barcodes from fruit bags.

  2. Stick them on the official forms (download them from

  3. Drop complete forms in the Yummy cardboard box in the corner of the school office. 

Secondhand Uniforms Online Shop

Shop at our online store and find great uniforms for your child. You will save money and make a difference!

A huge shoutout to our wonderful FOPS volunteers who are running this online shop with lots of love. We are raising funds for our tamariki’s kapa haka uniforms. Since we are volunteering our time, the store does not have regular hours. We are super grateful for your patience and understanding. If you have an urgent enquiry, please email us at

Uniform Donations.

Do you have any Pinehill uniforms gathering dust at home? If your kids have outgrown them, we would love to give those uniforms a second life! We welcome uniforms in all conditions – please ensure they are clean and ready for a new owner. Simply drop off your kind donations at the school office. Thank you for your generosity!


We are proud to share the results of our community’s hard work. We raised $22,103.43 in 2023. 

Thank You

A heartfelt thank you to all our students, parents, teachers, and staff for your continued support and dedication. Together, we make Pinehill School a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow. 

For inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at