Pinehill School is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and all agents and Foreign Fee Paying students must abide by the Code to be enrolled at our school.

Below you will find details about the Code of Practice and links to the relevant organisations that can assist you.  Copies of the Code of practices are available at the bottom of the page or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website.

The process for enrolling Foreign Fee Paying students is as follows:

An Enrolment and Contract form must be completed and signed – enrolment forms can be found here or alternatively upon application to [email protected].

When the completed enrolment form has been submitted and the student and family have arrived in NZ, an interview will be set up with the Principal. Two class visits will be necessary before an offer of placement is made.

After satisfactory class visits,  the enrolment process can be completed. The relevant documentation for visa applications will be issued once the fees have been paid and the Medical and Travel Insurance Certificate produced.


Cost of Tuition

The Board of Trustees has set the International Student fee as follows:

For a full year, the fee will be:  $11,800.00

Plus a non-refundable administration fee of $400.00

Total: $12,200.00

This fee does not include stationery, some of which is available from the school office, or the school uniform, which is available from Janbells Ltd, Mairangi Bay, and any activities not included as part of the curriculum will attract an additional cost.



Both students and parent/s must have current visas that entitle them to reside in NZ.  Students will be given the relevant letters to complete their application for a Student Visa after an interview with the Principal and class visits.

You are required to notify the school immediately of any changes to your circumstances:

  • Contact details – email address; home phone number; cell phone number
  • Home address – if you move property
  • Immigration status

Further information regarding rights to employment and studying in New Zealand is available through New Zealand Immigration Service.



All Foreign Fee Paying students and their families must have current comprehensive Medical and Travel Insurance and the school must have a copy of the policies on file.  If your insurance policy does not cover you for any COVID related incidents the school must have a letter on file stating you have the means to cover any associated costs.



Classrooms in the school are of a single cell nature (1 teacher to 1 class). We follow the Education guidelines and this includes instruction in the seven learning areas: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Art, Technology, and Health and Physical Education.



In keeping with government legislation, Pinehill School will only enrol students who are living with a parent(s) for the duration of their enrolment at our school.  This will also be a condition attached to the Student Visa issued by Immigration.


Responsibility for Parent

The residential parent must immediately inform the School of the following:

  • Any accidents or illnesses involving the student
  • Any accidents or illnesses involving other household members, which may affect students.
  • Any unexplained behaviour or changes in behaviour.
  • Change of address or personal circumstances.



Students will be given an orientation on their first day of school.  Orientation will include:

  • An introduction to the classroom teacher, the Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • An introduction to key Administrative staff and International Student liaison personnel.
  • Orientation to the school including the location of the health room and the toilets, where to hang school bags and where to eat lunch.
  • Introduction to the students’ New Zealand classroom.
  • Advice on school activities, including sports and music.
Here at Pinehill, we offer a comprehensive programme for our international students.

Special features

  • Students are mainstreamed in our general classes
  • Specialised English support programmes are provided by a trained ESOL teacher
  • Support meetings for parents in your home language
  • Inclusive welcoming learning environments

If you require further information or wish to apply for enrolment, please email [email protected].

International Student Pack Information