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NZ Curriculum Refresh

NZ Curriculum Refresh

Te Mātaiaho (the Refreshed NZ Curriculum) is currently in draft form for Years 1-13.  Over the next year the leadership team, staff and board, will develop an understanding of the principles and content of this refreshed NZ Curriculum. We are currently being asked to review the draft and give the development group feedback.

This short vimeo explains how and why the curriculum is being refreshed (in case you need translations: whānau = families, ākonga = students, kaiako = teachers).

Key Changes: The refresh is driven by the following goals:

  • Giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Creating an inclusive curriculum 
  • Creating clarity about curriculum learning that matters

The refreshed NZC will provide a stronger focus on inclusive practice that gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, values and builds on the strengths ākonga bring to literacy and numeracy in learning across the curriculum, and supports learners to better access its richness.

Te Mātaiaho (the Refreshed NZ Curriculum) is moving towards a progression model where ‘phases of learning’ replace the curriculum levels and these are cumulative in nature

  • Y0–3 is about thriving in environments rich in literacy and numeracy
  • Y3–6 adds on expanding horizons of knowledge and collaboration
  • Y7–8 adds on knowing I belong and advocating for self and others


  • The learning strands of ‘Understand, Know and Do’ (UKD) will be woven together
  • Literacy and Numeracy, key competencies and values will be explicitly integrated within each learning area.  At Pinehill School, we currently have focussed literacy and numeracy times in the school day with an integrated approach to inquiry in our inquiry times.  Our Pinehill Way values and Pinehill Learner competencies have been an integral part of our curriculum planning and delivery for some time.
  • Mātauranga Māori (Maori knowledge) will be included in the Understand, Know, Do  (UKD) structure as a deliberate feature.   We are continuing to build our understanding of this and how it can be reflected in our classroom programmes.  Our termly Pōwhiri, whakatau termly welcoming, Aotearoa Histories Curriculum and  Matariki celebrations are a good start.
  • The Learning Areas remain the same, however Social Sciences now incorporates a focus on Aotearoa NZ Histories.  We have spent some time as a staff building our understanding of the key areas of focus in the Aotearoa NZ Histories curriculum and alongside the Ministry of Education have developed our Pinehill School Local Curriculum and Aotearoa NZ Histories curriculum.
  • We have received the draft Mathematics and Statistics and English curricula, which staff are becoming familiar with and we have two Teacher Only Days planned in 2023 as well as regular staff meeting sessions for professional learning to continue as we work through the timeline and roadmap together for the refresh implementation at Pinehill School.