Our Staff

Senior Leadership

Carla Veldman – Principal
[email protected]

Sarah Ward – Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Kirstin Blanchard – Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Teaching Staff

Year 1

Tayler McGregor – Year 1, Room 2 [email protected]

Pauline Menown – Year 1, Room 2 [email protected]

Chloe Warwick – Room 19 [email protected]

Wendy Chatterton – Room 20
[email protected]

Year 2

Sarah Stubbs
Year 2 Team Leader, Room 1
[email protected]

Lynette Clausen – Room 5
[email protected]

Aimee Bradley – Room 11
[email protected]

Marie Homan – Room 13
[email protected]

Year 3

Year 4

Darren Mathers
Year 4 Team Leader, Room 10

Beccy Warburton – Room 9
[email protected]

Caitlin Blackwell
Year 3 Team Leader, Room 17
[email protected]

Year 5/6

Jos van Beusekom
Year 5 & 6 Team Leader, Room 18
[email protected]

Lisa Leader – Room 4
[email protected]

Ricarda Petzer – Room 6
[email protected]

Ji Reh Yoo – Room 15
[email protected]

Christine Johnston – Room 16
[email protected]

Specialist Teacher

Sue Barratt – Library
[email protected]

Alastair Rogers – Music
[email protected]


Natalie McAllum – English Support (ESOL)

[email protected]

Jo Hsu – Learning Assistants (ESOL)
[email protected]

Support and Administration Staff

Office Staff
General Information[email protected]
Main Office (Receptionist/PA)Simone Boese [email protected]
Part-time (Administration Support)Brenda Thomson [email protected]
Main Office (Finance/Executive Officer)Tracey Danks [email protected]
Sports InquiriesDarren Mathers [email protected]
Property ManagerShaun Weston [email protected]


Learning Support Staff

Pinehill School Learning Support staff provide an essential resource for our students, supporting students with individual learning needs including ELL (English Learning Language) students. We also provide experienced time and attention to Pinehill students in general, enriching the quality of learning in each Pinehill School classroom.

Judy Mulder[email protected]
Wendy Dibble[email protected]
Marian McDermott[email protected]
Release / Part-time Teachers
Abbey-Lee McMahon [email protected]
Tayler McGregor[email protected]