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Carla Veldman

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Anyong Haseyo, Namaste, Ni hao, RanKonichiwa, Kamusta, G’day, Dzień Dobry and welcome!

I am proud to be the tumuaki of Pinehill School. As a principal, it is an absolute privilege to be the professional leader of such an amazing team that provides the best possible learning opportunities for our children. At Pinehill School, we are passionate about unlocking the potential of students and creating a culture where students, whanau and staff are a welcome part of our school community.

We offer a well-resourced school with dedicated, highly effective teachers including specialist teachers in ESOL and music. 

We are committed to nurturing the whole child and honouring our full curriculum. Our sporting opportunities are varied, allowing students across all age groups to participate individually or in teams, school-wide and within our cluster. As well as an inviting and well-resourced library, our classrooms contain up to date technology and digital devices. We have a strong Kapa Haka group, choirs and a variety of instrumental groups, as well as engaging and empowering learning environments for all our learners. 

During my 29 years in education, I have taught at all year levels in primary schools on the North Shore and North Carolina, USA and remain excited by the ever-changing landscape that schools continue to navigate through.

I believe the partnership between home and school is a critical component of our childrens’ success. We welcome and encourage parents, caregivers and whanau into our school and ask you to remain connected with us throughout your child’s educational journey.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Pinehill School.

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa,

Carla Veldman

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Deputy Principals

Sarah Ward

During my years as an educator, I have taught children at most levels and continue to be motivated to learn and find ways to improve our school and student achievement.

I love working in a school with such a strong culture and collaborative team of colleagues. Together teaching staff engage in ongoing professional development. 

As part of the leaders’ team, I assist Learning Leaders to track and improve student achievement. The roles of student Pastoral Care and Learning Support coordination are shared between the two Deputy Principals. In 2022, I will support students in years 0, 2, 4 and 6.

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Rochelle Mabon

I have taught across all school levels during my career both in New Zealand and Australia. My particular curriculum interests are maths and science.  The deputy principal role involves me working with staff and children throughout the school. 

As part of the leadership team, I assist learning leaders to track and improve student achievement.  The roles of student pastoral care and learning support coordination are shared between the two deputy principals. In 2022, I will support students in years 1,3,5

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Room 1

Sarah Stubbs

Year 2 Learning Leader

Hello, my name is Sarah Stubbs. I started my teaching career 18 years ago after graduating from Auckland College of Education. Throughout my career, I have taught across many levels and taken on a range of extra roles and responsibilities. I have been at Pinehill School for 4 years and currently
I am the Year 2 team leader. The best part of teaching for me is when I see the children’s smiles as they discover a new concept in their learning.
Celebrating all the students’ successes and seeing the progress that a child makes during the year is extremely rewarding for me. I enjoy spending time with my family and close friends. At the start of last year, I had my first child, an amazing boy. My hobbies include travelling and playing sports.

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Room 2

Kirstin Blanchard

Year 1 Learning Leader

I am originally from the UK, which is where I began my teaching career. I have taught a wide range of abilities and ages within the primary range. My husband, who is also a teacher, and I moved to New Zealand in 2008. We have since had our two daughters and love the lifestyle and opportunities that come with this beautiful country.

I love being creative and like to give the children many different experiences to aid their learning. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the wonderful children at Pinehill School and also being part of such a great community.

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Room 3

Ashleigh Maaka 

I graduated from AUT University in December 2015. I started teaching at Pinehill at the start of 2016 as a beginning teacher.  I am also an ex-pupil which is very special to me and quite unique. I love the friendly and supportive environment within the school.

My wish for the children that I teach is that they enjoy their time here, create some lifelong memories and make the most of every opportunity they are provided with to become lifelong learners.

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Room 4

Lisa Everett

After completing a practicum at Pinehill School in 2012, I knew it was the place for me! I feel privileged to be working in such a friendly and positive environment. I have opened several new entrants classes, been in the Year 2 team, and now working with the Year 5/6’s. I love the challenges each day brings and watching the young minds in my class soak up every bit of learning! Away from work, I am very passionate about my sports. I play competitive pool and snooker for Auckland and enjoy archery and swimming. 

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Room 5

Lynette Clausen

Since graduating from the University of Otago and Dunedin Teachers’ College, I have taught across the levels within the primary sector, in addition to taking time out to raise my three children.  I am excited to be welcomed into the Pinehill School community and open a New Entrant classroom.  It is a privilege to be a part of a young person’s life as they begin their learning journey.

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Room 6

Ricarda Petzer

As a recent immigrant from South Africa, I am excited to join the field of education in New Zealand.

On completion of my B.Ed. teaching and honour’s degree from the University of Pretoria, I started my teaching career in South Africa, working with learners at year levels 2 to 4.

In August 2019 I joined the Pinehill community as a part of the relievers team and am excited to continue any teaching journey here as a Year 4 teacher in 2020. I particularly enjoy working with students and helping them reach their full potential while fostering the qualities of lifelong learning with all.

In my spare time, I enjoy various hobbies such as painting, DIY projects, listening to music, travelling, photography, baking and embracing this new adventure while exploring the beauty of NZ with my partner.

I value the supportive community that Pinehill demonstrates and I look forward to working with our wonderful and enthusiastic learners while honouring the Pinehill way.

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Room 7

Marg Milne

I have been teaching in Pinehill for many years, firstly as the ESOL teacher but more recently as a year 5/6 teacher. I choose to work here because the children are enthusiastic and focused, I am part of a dedicated, fun team of teachers who support each other. Learning is a life-long journey and I enjoy working with children, supporting each of them as they grow and learn.

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Room 8

Jodie Kim
I am excited to be part of the Pinehill Whānau, teaching a year 3 class, as I look forward to growing together in our learning journey.  I am passionate about raising students who are confident in their identity and culture as well as developing their potential through the Pinehill Way and vision.  I completed my Graduate Diploma in teaching in 2015 and have enjoyed teaching in South Korea, Christchurch and Auckland.  My hobbies include tramping, travelling, reading and playing the violin.

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Room 9

Beccy Warburton

Kia Ora, I am a recent graduate from AUT University.  I am very excited to start my teaching journey with Pinehill school.  The creative energy Pinehill expels drew me in to kickstart my career, alongside the supportive and positive nature of the school.

I am interested in art and learning languages.  My aim is to inspire children through learning.  I am looking forward to joining the Year 4 teaching team.

Ngā mihi

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Room 10

Darren Mathers

Year 4 Learning Leader

I am very fortunate to have taught across many year levels in my 19 years as an educator.  Most recently, I have been teaching in London, but I am extremely excited to return to NZ with my wife and two girls and be a part of this wonderful Pinehill school community. 

I particularly enjoy maths and literacy and have an interest in computing.  I am a keen sportsman and have been lucky to have played sport at a representative level.

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Room 11

Aimee Bradley

Aimee Bradley

Kia Ora! My name is Aimee Bradley and I have recently completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Teaching. I have previously completed my degree which was a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Geography and minoring in English. I was born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand but have been fortunate enough to have done a fair amount of travel around the world and learn a lot about different cultures. Some of my interests include going on hikes, spending time with my whanau, traveling, and singing.

I’m looking forward to making connections and building relationships with students and helping to support students to reach their full potential. I believe that every student is important and has strengths and purpose. I am excited to be able to help students realise and develop these strengths and also challenge them to develop new skills at school. I look forward to working with you all!

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Room 12

Meri Kenrick

Year 3 Learning Leader
Kia ora, I am a graduate of Massey University. I was fortunate enough to become a part of the Pinehill community in January 2017. I have moved between Year 2 and 3 throughout my time and I am currently a Year 3 team leader.

I am passionate about ensuring all children have an opportunity to learn. I believe that if children are happy at school they have the ability to learn. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, food and spending time with my loved ones.

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Room 13

Marie Homan

I have taught a range of levels but I am passionate and excited about teaching juniors.  It is great to be able to provide new students with the building blocks that they need to build on to further their education. I love to bring all of my experience and life skills into the classroom and I enjoy teaching reading, writing, music, art and ICT.

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Room 14

Karen Blau

My long relationship with Pinehill School started with the first of my two sons starting as a new entrant in the year 2000. It was the culture of the school and the passion of the teachers who inspired me to become a teacher myself. I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2007 and it was an easy decision to join the Pinehill teaching family in 2008. I feel very honoured to teach Year 2 students and help them on their journey, to life long learning. I am also very passionate about the visual and performing arts and I have been the Visual Arts curriculum leader for a number of years. I particularly enjoy working with our gifted art students, to beautify our school, with creative pieces of artwork and murals.

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Room 15

Ji Reh Yoo

I am a graduate of the University of Auckland.  I am excited and privileged to be starting my teaching career at Pinehill school and working alongside positive staff and students.  I am looking forward to teaching in Room 15 with my wonderful year 5/6 students.  I have a passion for music; I play four instruments – violin, piano, drums and French horn!  In my spare time, I enjoy taking photos, exercising and socialising with friends.  I believe being an active learner is important to student engagement and success within learning.

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Room 16

Christine Johnston

After teaching at Marina View School for six years, I am excited about my appointment here at Pinehill School, where my passion for teaching first sparked and both of my children had loved and flourished.

I believe children learn best when motivated and strive to achieve their personal goals. Therefore, I aspire to facilitate learning experiences that are engaging, relevant and valuable to our everyday lives. I hope in doing so, children will find value and take ownership of their education. I aspire to help children identify their strengths and develop skills in becoming confident and independent life-long learners. 

Cake decorating is one of my favourite hobbies. With a background in Visual Arts and Design, I am a firm believer that “you eat with your eyes”, especially cakes! 

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Room 17

Caitlin Blackwell

Year 3 Learning Leader

Since I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2017 with a Bachelor of Education (Honours) I have been teaching in Auckland in years 3/4 and years 5/6. I have lived on the North Shore my whole life and I am looking forward to being a part of the Pinehill community.

I am passionate about problem-solving in maths, integrating curriculum areas, and science. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, being outdoors and spending time with my loved ones. I am lucky enough to be working in the year three team this year.

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Room 18

Jos van Beusekom

Year 5 & 6 Learning Leader

Pinehill School is a great place to work. It has a fantastic culture and that’s what makes it stand out. Before coming here, I taught at other schools in NZ and spent three years teaching in London’s East End. Following that, I moved to Japan where I spent five years teaching English in private language schools. I enjoy being in the classroom with my students and helping them to learn and grow. I am also involved in coaching sports and leading the Yr 5/6 team. Away from work, I enjoy running, reading and supporting my two children in their sporting and academic activities.

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Room 19

Chloe Warwick

I am a graduate of Massey University. I became a part of the Pinehill community in 2018. Throughout my years at Pinehill I have taught New Entrants, Year 1 and Year 2.  My passion lies in the junior school and I feel privileged to assist children on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.  

In my spare time I enjoy baking, walking my dog, spending time with my loved ones and also being a mum to my beautiful daughter. 

Room 20

Wendy Chatterton

I began my journey as a member of the Pinehill School community in 2006 when my oldest son, Thomas, began as a new entrant. In the years that have followed my younger boys, Jacob and Alex have both attended Pinehill School, and I have worked alongside the amazing teachers as a learning assistant supporting students across all year levels. In 2020 I graduated from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Teaching and I feel privileged to be able to continue to work at Pinehill School as a classroom teacher. I am passionate about the Pinehill Way and believe that the values it promotes are fundamental to our students achieving success as lifelong learners.

Nga mihi

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Office staff and Support staff

Office Staff
Learning Support Staff

Pinehill School Learning Support staff provide an essential resource for our students, supporting students with individual learning needs including ELL (English Learning Language) students. We also provide experienced time and attention to Pinehill students in general, enriching the quality of learning in each Pinehill School classroom.

Property Manager

Shaun Weston

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Sue Barratt

My name is Sue Barratt & I am the school librarian.

Every class at Pinehill school visits the library once a week.

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Alastair Rogers

I have been playing music for many years in various capacities, and can play a variety of instruments.  I believe that playing music is great for children’s development and I feel that the Music Programme students participate in at Pinehill School gives them a good opportunity to begin and to develop their journey as musicians.

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English Support (ESOL)

Natalie McAllum

I have been teaching for many years, but for the last 7 years at Pinehill School as the Esol (English Speakers of other languages) teacher.  I hugely enjoy working with children who are learning English as a second language.  It is both challenging and rewarding to see the progress they make over their time at Pinehill School.

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Learning Assistants (ESOL)

Jo Hsu

Hi, my name is Jo.  I Joined the Pinehill School family ESOL team in 2017. I love spending time with students who are learning English as their second language. I can really relate with these students and try my best to give them the most comfortable and fun environment to learn English. I can speak and write Mandarin and English.   

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Release / Part-time Teachers