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School Zone

Please download and complete our Enrolment Application.

This map outlines the general boundaries of Pinehill’s enrolment zone.

  • Starting from the intersection of Oteha Valley Road and State Highway 17 travel east along the centre of Oteha Valley Road until the Northern Motorway.
  • Turn south along the motorway until McClymonts Road overbridge. 
  • Head east along McClymonts Road and north into Medallion Drive (numbers 79, 82 and above), including numbers  61-75 and 48-60 of Masons Road and Lavender Garden Lane.
  • Turn east into Fernhill Way (numbers 67, 86 and below), as far as Crimson Park (excluded), then proceed along the centre of Fernhill Way turning right along the centre of Ponderosa Drive to East Coast Road (numbers 489-721, 586-812).
  • Head north until St Clair Place (included) and south as far as Rosedale Road.
  • All no exit roads on the eastern side of East Coast Road between St Clair Place and Rosedale Road are included.
  • Oaktree Avenue (numbers 101, 102 and above), Arran Road (99, 98 and above), Weetman Drive and associated no exit roads from these roads are included.
  • Travel west along the centre of Rosedale Road until Tawa Drive then continue north along State Highway 17 back to the starting point including Bushlands Park Drive and all roads accessed via Bushlands Park Drive.


School zones can be viewed here.